AL Jumairah Transportation Services

While most of the oil is moved by pipeline and tankers, Trucks still play an important role in how we transport crude oil.



With safe, on time, and even next day service in Iraq and extended service throughout all the Provinces, Al Jumairah Transportation’s friendly staff is ready to make you and your customers happy, where ever they are.

Let us help you cross the bridge to:

Customer satisfaction

Customer retention objectives

Positive service reflection

Just in time delivery initiatives

Service partnership.

Competitive edge objectives.



  1. Flexibility in equipment and equipment sizes
  2. Well trained professional drivers
  3. Clean and well-maintained equipment
  4. Consistency daily routes.
  5. Record keeping, logs and statistics necessary to meet Client requirements
  6. Spare and back up drivers available when the situation arises
  7. Eliminates the worries created by the Transportation Laws and Regulations
  8. Pickup and Delivery Services.
  9. Less than truckload freight specialists
  10. Over-night service available
  11. Expedited service
  12. Power liftgate service
  13. Pier and air freight facilities served



  • Technology Investment Keeps Us Responsive to your Business Needs.
  1. Phones dispatched drivers
  2. GPS monitored trucks
  3. Online freight database


Al Jumairah transport supplies equipment all across Iraq. We have a vast fleet of Tanker Trailers which includes Petroleum, Crude, Bitumen. We offer a list of Petroleum Tankers which are specially built to the highest standards.


Our Responsive customer service and solutions- based approach, will facilitate your transport experience. We are committed to provide the best service that will drive your business performance and give you the best value.



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