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  • "Matter Saturated with Intelligence"


Technology Solutions for your Home or Institutions

Front End:


  • What works
  • What matters
  • What people want
  • What people need




Back End:



What Matters?



What Matters?



What Matters?




Comfort – single infrastructure

Building Automation Services


  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Air Flow
  • Unhealthful condition alerts
  • Remote Management
  • Energy Management
  • Technology Solutions



What Matters?




Efficiency – single log on


  • Light Speed Networking
  • High Port Density
  • Wirel AL Jumairah Everywhere
  • Retail Solutions
  • E-coupons
  • E-Reservations
  • VoIP
  • Online Backup
  • File Sharing
  • Remote Acc AL Jumairah & Support
  • Location Based Services
  • Technology Solutions


What Matters?




Entertainment - single portal


  • Optimized service delivery over broadband network
  • Agnostic to services & partners
  • Guaranteed QoS for new breed of services
  • Complete ownership of user experience




Interface - single device




Monitoring - single partner


  • 24/7/365 Systems Monitoring
  • Rapid Response - before users know there 
  • is a problem
  • Data Capture and Management
  • BusinAL Jumairah Intelligence
  • Answers not Data
  • Dash Board presentation
  • Enhanced Security, Comfort
  • Efficiency and Entertainment




You want your family to be safe?

  • Virtual Escort
  • Video Surveillance
  • AccAL Jumairah Control
  • RFID Tracking
  • Visitors
  • Family Members
  • Environmental Sensors


You want to spend an evening out?

  • Log in to your Home account
  • Receive e-coupons directly on your mobile
  • Check locations of your friends
  • See what others are buying
  • Download content from vendors
  • Have your merchandise waiting for you
  • Receive alerts when your favorite store is having a sale
  • Find the kids


You want to spend a shopping?


  • Log in to your Home account
  • Make reservations at your favorite restaurant
  • Watch a movie trailer and purchase tickets on your mobile
  • Lock the doors
  • Use presence to let your friends know where you are
  • Never stand in line
  • Receive an alert if the babysitter has left your home
  • Check your in-home surveillance


Your are away from home?


  • Log into your home 
  • Check surveillance
  • Control the temperature
  • Video conference with the kids
  • Share some photographs
  • Receive an alert if the front 
  • door is not secured
  • Turn the lights on or off


You want to spend an evening at Home?


  • Connect to any device, anywhere in the home
  • Listen to music from your own collection or from anywhere in the world
  • Watch Movies on demand
  • Watch IP TV on demand
  • Watch your own content
  • Control your environment
  • Play games
  • Make video calls with your friends and family
  • Receive alerts 

You want to Work?
Gigabit networks deliver:

  •   WireIALJumairah everywhere
  •   Remote desktop
  • Bandwidth as a utility 

Enterprise Solutions deliver:

  •   Hosted services
  •   Remote storage
  •   Enterprise grade telephony- everywhere



The Team


Deployment for:

  • Commercial
  • Retail
  • Hospitality


Cutting edge tested solutions: 

  • Broadband Infrastructure
  • Managed Service Offerings
  • Security and Surveillance
  • Intelligent Notification
  • RFID
  • BMS

Robust, Redundant, Scalable



Physical Security


Al Jumairah Group, a Total Security Solutions Company Headquartered in Baghdad - Iraq. We are committed to providing a complete customized security solution, for the customer's specific needs and requirements even for the most challenging scenarios that call for comprehensive security applications. We will analyze the customer's speci􀁁c needs with a comprehensive site survey and only then determine the appropriate solution.
We provide systems integration, program management, Consultancy and other technical and engineering services that support all security needs. These include but are not limited to building security, Metro scale security and solutions to meet customized defense/security requirements.
We provide innovative solutions, systems support, products and services that prevent or deter threatening activities, improve crisis event planning and response.



Our Solutions are scalable and Vendors independent and basically the integration of multiple products and services across a variety of communication requirements. This ability gives our customers the flexibility to create and implement the most appropriate solution for their communication needs. Main Solutions offerings:


  • Asset tracking & Fleet Management: Combination of many tracking devices & products on a single tailor made application platform.
  • Building Management System / Smart Homes
  • Access control - Time & Attendance (Numerous Products)
  • Radio frequency Identi􀁁cation (RFID) Applications & Solutions- Fuel Management- Waste Management- Parking- Asset Management, Inventory control, Weapons Management Systems etc. (Mobility Solutions)
  • Security Video Surveillance and Monitoring.
  • Other Arti􀁁cial Intelligence Security products.


We developed Partnership Agreements with many International Renown Technology Companies from the USA- Europe - India - Far East.


Data Security:


We provide professional solutions to a wide range of customers both as consultants and as integrators. Our services and solutions include: Compliance survey's, penetration tests, de-sign and deployment plans, security gap analysis and implementation of regulatory requirements of in-formation security. Our targeted clients are Governments, Financial Institutions, Universities and Enterprises. 
We specialize in Advanced SecurityCisco products, Splunk and/ or Alien- Vault, Webroot-CyberFlow network behavior anomaly detection, Puppet IT security automation, Kaspersky endpoint security and, penetration test and vulnerability assessment. We work hard to make sure that our clients achieve securely their business objectives.
Our experience in Information Security will provide an added value to your organization. We maintain high standards, not only for providing the requested solution for your organization, but also for providing services at the utmost professional level.



SIOC (Security Intelligent Operation Center):

Responding effectively and in a timely manner to information security threats requires the continuous and thorough analysis of an enormous number of ongoing events. Without an automated toolset to help 􀁁nd patterns, filter, clean and analyze all the data that forms the context of an attack, the task of protecting the organization becomes exceedingly complex, time consuming, resource intensive and expensive.
We provide an e􀁀ective and effcient service that will monitor your network and security assets 24/7/365. Our service covers all devices, servers, applications, users and infrastructure components; managed centrally from our Security Intelligent Operations Center (SIOC).
The SIOC service monitors all data center resources using situational behavioral context (correlation) - physical and virtual - anywhere in your enterprise. You receive realtime alerts on security or systemimpacting incidents.
We perform forensic risk analysis and audits on your behalf and manage your security and event logs for historical analysis.
The SIOC service is provided by a combination of people, processes and technologies that deliver in realtime situational awareness through the detection, containment, and remediation of IT threats.
We manage security incidents on your company behalf, ensuring that they are properly identified, analyzed, communicated, processed reported.

Our SIOC integrates seamlessly into your security environment to ensure continuous operations. The SIOC is staffed and fully functional around the clock, every day of the year. The SIOC facility is self sufficient and operates from carrier- grade facilities that have redundant ISP connections, backup power generators and full redundancy.


Few Of Al Jumairah
Solutions Partners.

1. Smart Plate Recognition: 


Analytical Automatic License Plate Recognition Software
Smart Plate Recognition an industry leader in providing hardware-agnostic fixed enterprise Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) solutions. Winner of numerous Security Awards.
Smart Plate Recognition's hardware-agnostic meaning they do not need proprietary hardware and specialty cameras to work effectively.
Smart Plate Recognition 's approach to security technology allows for compatibility with any existing security camera, unlike any other ALPR technology. 
Smart Plate Recognition software is also easily integrated with any third- party software package and is fully scalable. Additionally, Smart Plate

Recognition 's solutions incorporate advanced information-sharing features, allowing for increased collaboration within departments and providing analytic data that is necessary for enhancing security and fighting crime anywhere in the world.
Smart Plate Recognition 's solutions consist of ARES for Fixed Location ALPR & Mobile ALPR Smart Plate Recognition Applications can be used for the Government and the commercial sectors (Parking lots/ Universities/ Hospitals/ etc.) Smart Plate Recognition is a US based Company located in Florida, and winner of numerous industry awards. 

2. Behavioral Recognition: 

GIANT GRAY Graydient Products an Artificial Intelligence Machine Self Learning Software for monitoring & Surveillance- Giant Gray Products for (Video/ SCADA/ Forensic & Cyber)- called Graydient.

Our Main focus is Video.

Giant Gray Products Graydient- V system; a patented self-learning behavioral recognition software for enhanced safety and security. The highly automated system dramatically improves situational awareness and incident response across complex physical environments.
The patented artificial intelligence technology accurately identifes potential and active threats in real time, deploys quickly, & is inexpensive to operate.
Customers can react faster and more accurately to unfolding safety, security, and operational management situations & to deploy staff more efficiently.
Many of the government agencies and major corporations rely on the technology to protect people, assets, facilities, and borders.

It is a Patented algorithm that enables the system to autonomously learn and alert on unexpected behavior providing enterprise-grade automated behavioral recognition and real-time improvements in safety, security, & situational awareness. It provides an accurate, scalable, and manageable alternative to the traditional monitoring regime."
It operates seamlessly across multiple locations and scales to thousands of sensors, making it the only practical solution for large-scale safety and security deployments. It builds real-time alerts by teaching itself to recognize unexpected behaviors within data streams generated by video surveillance cameras and other sensors.
This self-learning, smarter approach helps users make better, faster safety, and security decisions without overwhelming staff with large numbers of non-critical alerts.


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