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Executive Summary

catering is one of the leading Catering and related support service companies in the area. In just a short period, AL JUMAIRAH CATERING SERVICES has become leading independent contract catering company, serving daily 31000 meals/day in the different business, industry and education sectors, to which we offer various catering packages.

AL JUMAIRAH CATERING SERVICES is old-new company agent of the global AL JUMAIRAH CATERING SERVICES in Iraq and the Arab World.

It combines between its staff's cumulative experiences, modernity of hospitality industry, catering and restaurant service.

AL JUMAIRAH CATERING SERVICES catering services and foods provided a multinational highly qualified team to manage and operate the catering and maintenance services on this demanding project. A full balanced menu for both a la carte and buffet services is provided, with colorful and tasteful foods with multi ethnic pallet.

We built AL JUMAIRAH CATERING SERVICES on founding principles of design, quality and services at affordable prices. 

By maintaining an obsessive focus on its customers and a persistent innovative approach to food and design, it comes as no surprise that AL JUMAIRAH CATERING SERVICES has gone from being the newest player to reaching top status today with a team of over 100 experienced and quali􀀴ed employees.

AL JUMAIRAH CATERING SERVICES Delivers the utmost quality, while always maintaining a close and personal relationship with customers. AL JUMAIRAH CATERING SERVICES achieves that by being vertically integrated and managing every detail of its food production, presentation and event management.

Headquarter in Karrada, Baghdad, Iraq.


Service Offering:


The big day has arrived. This is when the catering team finally puts the itinerary to use, and launch their catering services for another new Client.
Every morning; it is time to check-up and test all the equipment, supplies and foodstuffs. Working from an extensive list with all the supplies, on a daily basis nothing goes unchecked - the crew accounts for every linen, glass, and chafing dish, tray, pot, pan and silver piece.
We even itemize small items like aluminum foil, saran wrap and garbage bags.

Besides we check the industrial ovens, convection ovens, fryers, Refrigerators, Freezers, Cutters, mixers, dishwashers etc... and hot boxes -- followed by tables, pots and pans, glassware, china and serving pieces. Finally, when everything else is set, we load the food.


Business Activity:


  • Catering Services
  • Facilities Management 
  • Camp Management
  • Catering related consultancy
  • Offshore and remote from 
  • immediate reach
  • Kitchen Design & Equipment Supply
  • Housekeeping & Janitorial Services
  • Laundry Services
  • Landscaping
  • Maintenanc



This particular catering event calls for different types of service in order to secure guest satisfaction.
For example, for each Buffet, and in addition to the kitchen staff managers, 


AL JUMAIRAH CATERING SERVICES proud itself with its quality standards; either Products or Services must meet the utmost criteria in order to qualify with AL JUMAIRAH CATERING SERVICES quality standards. AL JUMAIRAH CATERING SERVICES always uses the ...


Quality ingredients and fresh supplies (Meats, Poultry, Seafood, Vegetables and Fruits)

Canned foods and groceries will be provided by Major and certified Suppliers and special ingredients for each Nationality will most probably be shipped from the Country of origin.


After each meal it is time the cleaning team will start the cleaning process, break down and perform a detailed cleaning all the equipment and tables, floors, dishes, glassware and utensils etc.

The cleaning team has to execute the clean-up meticulously.
Our goal is to leave the space as clean. Finally the Quality control will check the cleaning process and will order the cooks to start preparation for the other meal...In this particular situation some of the cleaning and cooking process will go in parallel because we will cater 3 meals per day.



This is where the detailed schedule and daily menu come in handy. 
We will be serving the food buffet style or as per the client requirements, the crew will set up stations with serving trays, platters and utensils around the event. 
The kitchen staff cooks and prepares the food and buffet attendants and runners keep the stations stocked.
Sterno cups keep food warm and regular ice or even dry ice keeps food cold. For example, at a dessert station, the team will use dry ice wrapped in linen to support a ceramic serving bowl of ice cream.
This prevents the ice cream from melting for three, possibly four hours. 
Large seated dinners require even more staff and organization and to keep the line flow from becoming too congested with people moving about, we use something called the "T formation."
Basically, they set up prep tables in the shape of a T. As the guests pass plates from the base of the "T" up to the top, each person adds one part of the meal until the guest reach the top of the "T". 
Our mission is to cater taste and quality, protecting our health and environment and presenting our tailor made trendy presentations.
 AL JUMAIRAH CATERING SERVICES intends to become the Premier provider of catering services to organizations that require top-quality food and service and appreciate the finest attention to details.


Chefs, sous Chefs, quality food Control, and cooks, etc...we use this formula to decide what the staffing needs are:

  • 1 Coordinator per buffet
  • 1 Supervisor per buffet
  • 1 Waiter per 30 - 50 person
  • 1 Steward per 100 people
  • 1 Buffet Attendant per menu item/food station
  • 1 Runner per buffet / station
  • 1 Drink tender per 75 people
  • 1 kitchen Manager per buffet station


So, a buffet for 150 people with seven buffet stations would have a service staff consisting of three to five waiters, seven buffet attendants, seven runners, one or two stewards and two drink tenders.

The coordinator meets with the service staff to go over their duties. Some will be manning the buffet stations, some will circulate foods and others will run food from the kitchen to the buffet and bus dishes.

With everyone properly informed of their responsibilities, the process should run smoothly. Throughout the day, the coordinator continues to oversee each phase, making sure the detailed schedule is strictly followed.


The Team:

Administrative Staff:

  • General Manager
  • Administrative Assistant


Operations Staff:

  • Director of Operations
  • Operations Managers
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Sales & Advertisement Manager
  • Sales Manager & Marketing Manager
  • Store Keeper
  • Operation Coordinator
  • Head waiters
  • Bartenders
  • Waiters
  • Runners
  • Helper


Kitchen staff:

  • Executive Chef
  • Quality Control
  • Head Chef
  • Sous Chef
  • Meat, Fish, & Poultry Chef
  • Chef Oriental
  • Grade Manager
  • Production Chefs
  • Senior Cooks
  • Cooks
  • Comes
  • Pastry C & baking chef
  • Senior Pastry & Baking
  • Senior Pastry
  • Stewards

Organization Chart




Catering supplies, equipment and Food Products:


  • Plastic Products(Disposable and Rotatable),
  • Carton Products (Cold and Hot)
  • Aluminum Foil Products (Containers)
  • Paper Products
  • Textile Products
  • Security Seals
  • Uniforms (Clothes and Shoes)
  • Packaging Products
  • Fresh Vegetables and Fruits



Food Safety Certified ISO 22000:2005



Safety Certified ISO 28001:2007


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