Al Jumairah Construction & Contracting Services


Instalation & Construction Competencies:


  • General Contracting.  
  • Low Currents.
  • Electrical And Mechanical.
  • Integrated Installations. 
  • Physical Security. 
  • Fire Protection. 
  • Building Management System. 
  • Design And Engineering. 
  • Project Management And Project Planning.
  • Water Supply, Distribution & Piping.


   ► Construction Division General Contracting Business Unit   


  • General contracting. 
  • Design and engineering. 
  • Project management. 
  • Project planning. 
  • Consultancy. 
  • Supply of equipment for all types of installations. 
  • Installation. 
  • Commissioning.


≈ Turn key solutions.

≈ Civil works.

≈ Residential and non-residential buildings.

≈ Electrical and lighting installations, power supply and distribution.

≈ Control System.     


Construction & Contracting Service List:


Construction & Contracting Services: Throughout  the  course  of  our  core business there are few challenges we haven't encountered. Each project is assessed according to specific criteria with products and material to every project. 


► Hi-pressure Work: Accompanied by specialised industrial personnel to improve work flow, we also use a process that eliminate time wasting, chalked material, loose and dirt.


► Technical Approach: A highly specialised but critical area, waterproofing is our niche. We are an approved applicator of most widely used waterproo􀀮ng systems, offering outstanding protection against extreme conditions.


► Consulting: Let us take care professionaly for you, with this essential service. Guaranteed to create the right impact, design and implementation is a vital area assessed with our customary professionalism.


► Maintenance Expansion Joints/Repairs: Our solid understanding of the installation, repair and reinstatement of movement joints and concrete is critical to the success of a building's structural integrity, and an area you will 􀀮nd we won't compromise on.


► Design and Architectural Plans: Al Jumairah has a special section for designing and planning all projects (architecture, civil, electrical, and mechanical).


Projects & Past Performances:


Hotels & Resorts:

We've built up a loyal client base in the hospitality industry, carefully and routinely maintaining their buildings over time. But they also know that they can rely on us to work discreetly & professionally, with minimum intrusion.


Heritage Buildings:

We have gained significant ground in the often delicate restoration and maintenance of historically-significant and listed buildings.


Educational Facilities:

Our teams are aware of the daily activity in these buildings and take it into consideration when working around them, with little or no disturbance (link).



It's no coincidence that much of Civil work has been on buildings vulnerable to extreme elements - such is the confidence of the marketplace in the study, execution and quality of our workmanship. Consider what we could do for your investment.

Religious Buildings:

Respect and discretion is employed by staff who work in mosques, etc, without disrupting daily events.


Apartment Buildings & Complexes:

With capacity to reach hi-rise buildings, we work around resident's needs and special requests.


Commercial and Industrial:

Any office block or factory can be Build refreshed or transformed with limited disruption, while maintaining productivity.


Projects – Construction and reconstruction


  • High Way 6 (Diwaniya-Nasriya) 
  • Baghdad/Karkouk route
  • Rout/Nasriya route
  • Somar/Barak Route
  • Al Warar bridge - Anbar
  • Al Zouhour bridge - Baghdad
  • Al Abasiyyat Bridge - Najaf
  • Al Mahmoudiya Intersection
  • Dayala bridge Baghdad 
  • Al Kafal bridge - Najaf
  • Horan and Al fahmi bridges
  • Al Rostomiya dental clinic
  • Nasriya maternity hospital
  • Al Mahaliya police station 
  • Provisioning center - Karada
  • Wahda and Muthana
  • Khankine police station
  • Reem Bar



Quality Certified ISO 9001:2008



Safety Certified ISO 28001:2007


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