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Al Jumairah Construction work:

- Construction and maintenance of all types of stocks and reservoirs.
- Implementation and maintenance of water and sewage pipelines.
- Implementation of fire alarm in plants.
- Implementation of air conditioning and ventilation systems (HVAC) for all plants and facilities.
- All fabrication and welding works.
- Test and checkup services for all facilities.
- Test and checkup services for heat exchangers and valves.
- Pipelines welding and isolation services.

   Al Jumairah collaborated with AFCEE and MINSTC-1 to rehabilitate the following project:
- Al Mahaliya police station – Wahda and Muthana.
- Provisioning center- Karada.
- Khankine police station.
- Some worship houses and schools.
  Our services are not constrained to construction. Al Jumairah offers services in designing and executing infrastructure projects and it has executed many projects favor the Iraqi government.
  Al Jumairah collaborated with some international companies has executed many projects   in and outside Iraq (high ways, tunnels and bridges) meeting the international standards.
  Some of these projects:
- High way 6 (Diwaniya- Nasriya).
-  Baghdad/Karkouk route.
- Rout/Nasriya route.
- Somar/ Barakat route.
- Al warar bridge –Anbar.
- Al zouhour bridge – Baghdad.
- Al Abasiyyat bridge-Najaf.
-  Al Mahmoudiya intersection.
- Dayala bridge- Baghdad.
- Al Kafal bridge- Najaf.
- Horan and Al fahmi bridges.
  Al Jumairah has cooperated with AFCEE and Parson, the main contracting companies in Iraq to execute the following projects:
- Al Rostomiya dental clinic.
- Nasiriya maternity hospital.
  Al Jumairah has also designed and constructed hospitals, hotels, resorts, school,               compounds and plants in Iraq, MiddleEast and Africa.
  It has also executed some projects in Lebanon, UAE, Morocco, and Algeria.
  The majority of these projects have been finalized with the collaboration of some             international companies (Mercury Development, Cape, Laguna, MnSTC1, Tetratech, Bechtel, and GRS):
- Rehabilitation of Awdama’ High School - UFCEE.
- Rehabilitation of Baghdad technical school - UFCEE.
- Supply Al Nawmaniya military base with electricity power - Laguna Construction             Company.
- Provide Al Muthana airport with electrical adapter CH@M-HILL Company.
- Provide 10 cities in Baghdad with lighting - GRC.
- constructKhankine police station - MERCURY DEVELOPMENT .
-constructBa’kouba police station - TETRATECH .
- building rehabilitation - CAPE 35112 .
- provide power generator in Mosul - J Willson Company (England ).
  Company’s Projects:
  Al Jumairah, with the collaboration of the international companies offers services in:
- Analytical researches to study the effect of the cities development on the environment.
- Administrative services for environmental projects.
- (Design and implementation of the treatment facilities for municipalities and hospitals       (sanitation facilities and solid waste treatment.
- Design and implementation of water treatment facilities.
- Landscaping, gardening and irrigation systems.
- Sewage treatment.
- Safe and shock resistant buildings.
  Environmental services:
  Safety and security is a very important issue to Al Jumairah. That’s why, it has adopted   all safety precautions to reach the high levels of security for its most valuable asset, the employees.
-Al Jumairah has local offices to manage the projects on site. These of - fices are              managed by a team specialized in all technical and financial fields. Consequently, the        work is conducted in a cost effective and ef-ficient way.
-Construct and managing plants.
- Construct and develop buildings, maintenance and management.
- Structural and touristic development.
- Construction material and electrical and mechanical machineries supply.
- Project maintenance centers.
- Sustainable development for the region and the neighbor regions.
- Constructing services that meet the direct and indirect objectives of the company.
- Investment in building and lands.
- Trading and manufacturing services.

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